Aurélien Bomy // Collages Animés

I’m Aurélien Bomy, a french artist based in Nantes. I’m a photographer,

and I have also been practicing collage in digital images and videos since

a few years. I create what I call in French « Collages animés » that are

short video loops.

In these creations, I try to accentuate the life contained in some pictures that impact me. I have a predilection for certain types of images and videos

or movies : Iconic photographies of Hollywood actresses, retro-futurist

pictures, old photos, the Muybridges studies, films of the beginning of

cinema, Busby Berkeley’s choreographies... But they rather choose me

more than I choose them !

I therefore decide to work with them and to treat them like living beings.

Each time, I look for the way I’ll have to do it.

I often proceed by cut and paste, associations, juxtapositions,

combinations, substitutions, accumulations, animations… But each time I

have to be struck by the good Idea that comes from nowhere and that can

make me say : “Eureka ! That’s what I have to do !”

That’s how, to realize that idea, I each time learn new techniques on the

tools that I use. It is sometimes a hard and long work to obtain a few

seconds sequence, but it’s a serious fun and a great satisfaction when I

finally obtain the result that I would call a visual poetry product of nonsense.

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