Ennio Bressan // MoodLight

Hi! My name is Ennio Bressan and my artist name is MoodLight.

I'm French, now living in London and I spend most of my time creating digital collages. I started in June 2019.

My works allude to an imaginary world that wants to be as real as possible. I work by selecting several photos (copyright-free on Unsplash) and spend a lot of time visualizing what I could make. My favourite part of my work is when I have to work on the details and the lights, that's when it all comes down to making the photorealistic.

I've done about sixty collages this year and each time I try to give each one an explanation behind them. Working on digital collage is a way for me to create and express more easily, what my imagination wants to show me.

Today I sell my artworks in poster form for 15$ (18x24inch), as tote-bags and sometimes stickers :)


I have also have a website that offers various rewards such as wallpapers, PSD photoshop step by step, etc.


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