Tarot Collage Challenge 2019

Alberto Bonora

''My name is Alberto Bonora, i'm Italian and i was born on 22 march 1986 in Dolo (near Venice), now i live in Treviso. I approached to art watching surrealist films, i have been influenced by directors like Jodorowsky, Lynch, Gilliam and more.. then i discovered interest for surrealism in paintings and i started making digital collages. with my works sometimes i want to express my feelings and sometimes i just want to free myself from the chains of the real world.''

instagram: @alberto_pics_art

Deborah di Leo

''I born in Milan, where I live and work as a freelance illustrator.

I completed my studies to Italian Artistic High School and subsequently I graduated to the Milan Polytechnic of Design. I obtained a master degree to the New York School of Visual Arts. I create a collage illustrations using both the digital and the analog, sometimes mixing them together. I also making three-dimensional collages illustrations with objects and images. I have participated in some art collective exhibitions in Milan. I work for several Italian magazines as a collagist illustrator, I collaborate with various studios, advertising agencies or directly with the client for a large variety of projects. I illustrate newspaper articles, book covers, catalogs, T-shirts, postcards and invitations. I work for the main Italian school publishing houses.

The collage has always exerted a great fascination for me. During childhood I dedicated to this illustrative technique filling entire pages of the school diaries. 

Later, growing up, I managed to convey in my career path. Cut and paste images and written recomposing them into new contexts with a different meaning for me is the best way to express my creativity. I love to use all kinds material, especially those of recovery, but also finding objects that bear the marks of their personal history. 

I'm sensitive to the beauty and mystery of all that has been forgotten or discarded. 

I collect vintage magazines and old photographs of unknown people that I use in my work. 

I want to somehow keep memories and give them new life. My illustrations come from the assembly of seemingly unrelated images or incompatible with each other held together in a surreal sort of story. ''

instagram: @deborahdileocollages

Suguru Ikoma

Graphic designer living in Japan.

From the trifles, we spin stories and create works.

In Instagram, works are uploaded like a diary. If you are interested, please send a message from there.

instagram: @suguru_digitaldesign

Ikumi Ueno

Lives in Japan

''I live on a remote island surrounded by sea and mountains

I loved making and drawing since I was little. I met collage art when I was in junior high school. I was very surprised at how to cut and paste them to make them. It was fun and crazy. I often made it for my own enjoyment, but I started posting works on Instagram in 2019. The works and methods of creation have changed, and now there are many digital works.''

instagram: @ik.u.collage

Fredd Diniz

"I am Fredd Diniz, I am 34 years old, I was born in Volta Redonda (Rio de Janeiro), today living in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. I am a Photographer and Publicist (Social Media Manager). Passionate about art in all its manifestations, moved by music, nature lover, dogs and literature. I found in the collage a way to unravel my mind, create parallel universes where it is possible to change the world like a fairy tale. The Tarot Card Challenge was the true exercise of inspiration and improvement, in addition to getting in touch and discovering the inspiring work of other collagists."

instagram: @psycollageartwork

Elsa Botting Leone

''I'm Elsa and I live in a little village nearby a lake just outside Rome, Italy . I work in Rome as a tourist guide and when I'm not scrolling among ancient monuments I make collages. I've started 2 years ago with a method called soulcollage and never stopped since. I love collages of all kind because they show an infinite surreal world often with a good deal of humourism.''

instagram: @elsabottingleone

Regina Lafay Bellamy

"Collaging is a great comfort to me as an artist. I find there is no right or wrong in it, only expression."

instagram: @rlbellamy_

See online exhibition:

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